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On-location makeup artist vs. Salon?

should i have my wedding makeup & hair on-location?

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I get many questions from brides regarding their wedding day make up services & logistics. There are many things a bride should consider – do you want to travel to a salon on your wedding morning - or would you prefer your makeup & hairstylists come to you? One of the issues when choosing salon vs on-location services is that you can run into back ups at a salon – that is to say your wedding day services may be delayed. Salons can be notoriously late, so it’s my professional recommendation to have on-location services whenever possible. Do you want to have that worry and time constraint on your wedding day? That’s one of the main reasons I recommend the professionals travel to you. There may be a slightly higher price for these luxury services, but worth it for the ease and peace of mind on your wedding day. You won’t be stressed out trying to get back to your venue on time either. I work solely on-location because after 18 years in the business, I can safely say that things do come up on your wedding day and it’s usually best to be at your venue or hotel. I hope this helps a little bit with your choices and as always contact me with any questions you may have about your wedding beauty. I’d love to be your make up artist for your big day! 🌸

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