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Beautiful Bridal Makeup Tips & Tricks

~time tested wedding makeup tips

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by Lisa Johnson Bridal

Weddings are the most photographed events most of us will attend in our lifetime. Whether you’re getting married or in the party, you’re going to have phones, cameras and video cameras pointing at you all day!

Lisa Johnson, pro makeup artist at Lisa Johnson Bridal in Orange Beach, AL and Nashville, TN, shares her best makeup tips for brides.

Whether you’re going to be doing your own makeup or hiring a professional, these tips are essentially universal. Here’s how to create a timeless, flattering and photo-ready look.

1. Enhance your natural beauty.

When you’re surrounded by loved ones on your special day, you want to look and feel like the best version of yourself—not someone you don’t recognize. “Makeup is a tool to enhance one’s natural beauty,” says Lisa, “not a mask to make you look like someone you are not.” Ask yourself what your favorite facial feature is—eyes, cheekbones, lips?—and then use makeup to define and enhance that feature. I usually advise to make your eyes pop over a bright lip, heavy shimmer or contour... nothing too trendy.

2. Save the trends and experiments for another day.

I love playing around with new products and colors as much as the next girl, but a wedding is “not the day to try a bold lip or blush on a whim,” Lisa says. Save the fun *new* lip color for your honeymoon!

3. Stay away from heavy, creamy products.

For staying power and the ability to photograph well, Lisa advises against heavy creams and foundations. “If you are feeling dry,” she says, “try a hydrating serum or a gel-like moisturizer on the day of the wedding.” To avoid problems, it’s best to take good care of your skin months before the wedding day. Schedule regular facials and use the correct skincare regimen daily!

4. Opt for waterproof mascara and eyeliner.

Tears, sweat and rain (knock on wood!) are the enemy of a finished makeup look—and these can all be commonplace at wedding ceremonies and receptions. Avoid dealing with the dreaded racoon eyes by choosing waterproof mascara and eyeliner. Waterproof requires a waterproof remover, as well - to avoid tugging of the eye area.

5. Consider a classic, neutral colored lip.

Lisa recommends choosing a neutral pink or a peachy pink lip color to keep your look fresh and timeless. She also strongly suggests a satin or cream lip textured lipstick over a drying matte. A little pop of gloss over a lipstick is a classic touch, as well. Be aware that bolder or darker lips require more upkeep for touchups. When in doubt, classic neutrals are best.

6. Never neglect the eyebrows.

“Even if you don’t fill them regularly,” says Lisa, “the power of a good brow truly is the foundation to your facial feature framing.” A little color and grooming will go a long way!

7. Lock in your look with setting spray.

Once your makeup is picture perfect, make sure it stays that way all day (or all night) long with a good makeup setting spray.

8. Keep a pretty touchup bag nearby.

Lisa recommends storing blotting papers and your lipstick within the bag to touchup your look if necessary.

Bonus Tips (When Hiring a Makeup Artist)

If you’re getting your makeup professionally done (and *I* would!) here are a few extra tips to ensure your makeup artist creates a look you’ll be more than happy with.

1. Schedule a makeup trial 6-8 weeks before your wedding.

This will help you try out a couple of different looks, if you’re unsure, as well as work out any kinks before the big day. Lisa suggests scheduling your makeup trial during the day and taking pictures in natural lighting to get a better idea of the finished look.

2. Be sure to tell your makeup artist about any specific concerns or ideas.

If you have skin concerns (oiliness, dryness, sensitivities), allergies or specific ideas about your look, tell your makeup artist when booking to ensure a smooth trial and session on the wedding day.

3 Ask about the beauty timeline and be realistic about the time it takes for makeup (and hair if including). Your wedding day should be as seamless (as possible) and stress free. Talk over how the morning routine will go & make sure your wedding party is there a bit early for their session with each beauty pro. Having a leisurely morning will be a sweet memory and bonding experience for you and your wedding party ~ as well as set the tone for your wedding day. Make it as easy as possible with the help of your beauty pros and create beautiful memories!

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