When it comes to weddings and beauty makeup in general {my favorite!} I love to use strip lashes to add a little {or a LOT!} of drama and volume for your wedding day or special event.  I'd wear them daily if I could - there are tons of styles.  These are a few of my favorites.  I look mostly for "Invisibands" - they look the most natural and are easy to apply to any shape eyelash line - and very lightweight.
These Ardell Lashes are very natural and add just the right amount of volume and curl.  These Naturals are Invisibands - you cannot see the lightweight filament band.  Very lightweight and beautiful!
Ardell Natural 117 Invisibands - Lisa Johnson Bridal - Nashville
Ardell Natural Demi Wispies are so amazing - Invisibands.
Ardell Natural Demi Wispies Invisibands - Lisa Johnson Bridal - Nashville
Just a tad more drama from KISS lash - still Invisibands in SPICY.
KISS True Volume Lash in SPICY - Lisa Johnson Bridal - Nashville
Fuller volume and drama - non invisibands - a little heavier on the lashline - I LOVE these Runway lashes by Ardell Professional - named after the incomparable supermodel Gisele :)  DRAMA
Ardell Professional Runway - Gisele {supermodel} - Lisa Johnson Bridal - Nashville Makeup
FULL ON DRAMA by Vegas Nay Lashes - Grand Glamor by EYLURE ~ full major drama with these amazing criss-cross lashes! 
Vegas Nay Lashes by Eylure - Lisa Johnson Bridal - Nashville Makeup
Whatever your personal style - let beautiful faux lashes add a little bit {or a LOT!} of drama!
Contact me today for your wedding, special event, photoshoot or personal lesson - one of my specialties are eyes and I can show you how to apply your lashes like a pro! 
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