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You've spent thousands on your venue, dress, catering, flowers and photography - please don't neglect your wedding beauty by skimping on your makeup and hair.  You deserve to look flawless in your photos and in person.  Let's face it, the BRIDE is the main focus of the wedding day ~ and to achieve what you have envisioned for your day, hiring true professionals is important. 
You have one take to look amazing for your wedding day - there are no do oversWe work with you to provide beautiful "camera ready makeup" and polished wedding hair that will LAST thru your whirlwind wedding evening.
#1 wedding hair complaints
~limp hair that wilts well before your ceremony
~blowouts that fall apart after 1 hour of our southern humidity
~improper style for your hair type and dress
~incorrect or too much/too little product used for your hair type
~overly sprayed "helmet hair" that is impossible to work with and looks it
~updo's pinned incorrectly and falls out before the first dance
~frizzy unpolished hair that looks unprofessional
~dated or too trendy hairstyles
With 18+ years of wedding beauty expertise ~ we know the products, techniques and styles that work best in our super hot, humid, steamy south.  These problems are a waste of your valuable time, money and ultimately wedding style.  Bad hair can ruin your expensive photography and {we know} mood!  Why chance it on your wedding day?  Let us take care of all the beauty details so you can enjoy your beautiful day.
Contact us today for your peace of mind and to look perfectly polished for your walk down the aisle.  We look forward to hearing from you!
XO, Lisa
Nashville Bridal Makeup - Lisa Johnson Bridal - perfect wedding hair and makeup
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